Let this mid-century modern area rug bring a little fun to your floors!

You'll make a statement and brighten your room, with these new plush modern area rugs. Our polyester rugs are a new concept in floor coverings.

Less expensive than wool and cotton rugs, these rugs make great style and quality affordable.

These rugs are great anywhere in any room.

Mid Century Modern Area Rug -

    • Super soft, feels sumptuous beneath the feet
    • The anti-slip feature prevents slipping
    • PVC dots for skid resistance and sewn rounded corners.
    • Slim profile 
    • Eco-friendly water-based dyes are used that do not fade or alter the texture of the fabric
    • Overlock edge stitching using 100% polyester yarn.
    • Woven cotton backing, 350 gsm.PVC dots for skid resistance.280 GSM plush microfiber top.
    • Passes all fire-rated specs.
    • 10-year guarantee (excludes normal wear & tear
    • Available in three sizes our modern rugs are the perfect accent to any room in your home.
    • 48" x 30"
    • 60" x 48"
    • 96" x 60"


    Made in the US

    Easy to clean, clean them as you would clean a carpet, with carpet cleaner or soap & water by hand.

    ****Do not dry clean. ****