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It all started with a stove...

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I'm Renee from Philadelphia, and I started Crash Pad Designs in 2010 because coming home should make you smile.  Inspired by a new home, an obsession with midcentury modern culture and design, and my 1963 Philco electric oven,  I created a line of eco-friendly original mod fabrics, and funky home textiles that are fun, stylish, & always functional.


It all started with a stove.  I had been house hunting for a year and had seen over 100 houses.   I was growing weary and worried I would never find my perfect home.   At that time, I worked nights and usually slept until noon.   Except on Wednesdays. On Wednesdays, my old college friend who was my realtor picked me up at 9 am. Before we spoke a word to each other I had to have a sip of the 16 oz black coffee she had brought for me.  On this Wednesday morning our first stop was a house that we had to enter through the kitchen door, which was unusual, but whatever.  I was still barely awake. 


Once we entered the kitchen the first thing I saw was this beautiful yellow and white 1963 Philco electric stove.  I had quickly woken up and I was speechless.  Besides the stove,  there was a yellow linoleum floor, gray and yellow tile on the walls,  yellow drainboard double sinks, and metal cabinets.  I was in love and I hadn't even seen any other room in the house.


Then, the bathroom sealed the deal.  Turquoise and pink. Just like the kitchen, the bathroom hadn't been updated since 1960 whatever, and it was immaculate.

Several months later while living in my fabulous new home I was inspired to design fabrics worthy of my fun new house. That was the start of Crash Pad Designs.  Crash Pad Designs' let you say goodbye to cookie-cutter home design and they make you smile.  


Thanks for visiting.


All of our products are made-to-order and require 10 business days before shipping. It's worth the wait!

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